Test correction


I’m going to port libanaki’s unit test to AnkiDroid (at least, that would be my goal)
Would you be open to me renaming some variable in anki. E.g. d to represents a collection is not consistent with main code, which uses col. I know “collection” used to be called “deck”, but since there are “decks” which represents something else, it makes things confusing.

Similarly, “fact” have been renamed to “note” if I understand correctly, so using n instead of f would be helpful.

I’m trying to automate as much as possible the porting of tests, so if you’d accept such a correction, I prefer to do it before porting the code to Android.

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No objections from me, though please bear in mind that the ongoing refactoring work may mean some of these tests get obsoleted in the future.

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No trouble here