Tagging only specific card types within a note?

My use case is for music theory. I have a collection of 12 notes which contain each note of their respective major scales. I have 12 different card types (so far), with each card type using the field data to pose completely different questions. I can take this a lot further and never have to replicate the field information again, so I’m wondering if there’s an easy way to add tags to just the specific card type for filtering/custom study. For example, one tag might be “chord_identification” and one “interval_identification”. This seems like an efficient way to generate cards fast, but the organization aspect is iffy. If this isn’t possible, is there a better way to organize this so card generation pulls from the same collection of field data?

Hi there :slight_smile:

Tagging individual cards is not possible. Quote from the Documentation:

Please note that tags work at note level, which means that when you tag a card that has siblings, all the siblings will be tagged as well.

The workaround of using flags, suggested by the documentation, will not work in your use-case, since Anki has only seven flags.

Instead, to organize your different cards, you could:

  • Put your cards in different folders / sub-folders. To make this easier, you can add the card as an entry in the Browser. In the main window, click on “browse”. Then toggle note/card to show the cards. Then right-click on one of the column headers to choose a new column. Click on “card” if it is not already selected. Then left-click on the “card” column heading, mark all cards of one card-type, right click, select “Change Deck” and choose a deck / sub-deck.
  • Create a custom filtered deck. In the main window, click on tools > Create Filtered Decks. As your search criteria choose: is:due card:"M2 Identification". Repeat this for all card types. For managing those filtered decks, you might also want to install the Rebuild All & Empty All Addon.

Great, thank you! I’ll try these out and see what works best.

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