Switch to a regular scheduler prevents me from exporting deck [SOLVED]

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How do I switch to a regular scheduler everybody?

Thank you

That message seems to come from this add-on: Export cards selected in the Browser - AnkiWeb
You may just want to remove it, because to quote its author: “The add-on became useless in 2.1.20.”

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Had a few addons but I removed them, the problem’s still there… thanks for your help so far by the way

@Rumo The message actually comes from an old version of Anki: fix exporting not working with regular scheduler · ankitects/anki@2fec924 · GitHub

@ineedhelp updating to the latest Anki should fix the issue: https://apps.ankiweb.net/


It’s not available for my mac (it’s an old one). I run 10.12.

My bad, then the add-on must have had copied the old code. :slightly_smiling_face:

@ineedhelp, which version are you running? As far as I can see, the last release supporting your OS is 2.1.35 and doesn’t include that error message. You can download it here:


I’m afraid this is not the case… thank for trying to help though

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Did you make sure to pick the alternate download? The regular one would not work.

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Hadn’t paid attention. Thank you Rumo, problem solved!

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