Suggest a laptop price range or specs for anki

I am going to use it for one year
Final year of high school

I personaly use a cheap Huawei Matebook laptop for mostly Anki and it is more than enough. I do not know your region but for me the laptop was 850€ (950 usd) It’s exactly this one: Huawei Matebook X - 13.3" 2K IPS (Intel Core i5-7200U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, Windows 10 Home). There are cheaper versions with lower screen resolutions and all same specs.

The cheapest Smartphone you can find (with Android 4.4 or superior) should be able to run AnkiAndroid

If you would like bigger screen as in a Laptop, the cheapest Laptop you can find should be able to run Anki, as long as it runs an operating system as Windows 10 Home or Ubuntu 18.04.

I dont think it’s cheap… for one year use

Although i got an iMac at home

Yhen I suggest the same @addons_zz commented, any entry level deskop will do. Anki is very lightweight.