Show total review count on main screen

Displays the absolute review count in the main screen after the Studied X cards after X time. That was requested in reddit.



The add-on was tested in 2.1.22, 2.1.26 and 2.1.28 beta 3. Any issue with this add-on please post it here.


updated on 2020-07-17T22:00:00Z: added thousand separator.



that info should be added as a separate add-on as it is not related to the review count. There is one caveat, a user may have different deck group settings with different graduate steps and step count. Is the Learning Step and Review Interval Retention add-on what you wanted?

These two variables and also:

  • overdue cards ( when tracking the Grad Ivl retention)
  • card Type
  • the number of cards per batch ( from 10 to 20 )
  • new cards preview process consistency ( medical students call it ‘pre-learning’ )

are not the problems for me. The problems are:

  • to count the clicks ( on Again button ) only once and only for step-2. But obviously it is not a problem for a programmer.
  • Overdue in-learning card. If it fails - it should not be counted ( if the Overdueness is >X% ).

Once a cumulative cards count for the step-2 reached 30, the user will change the step-2 up or down - depending on the rate of success; or continue test for longer time.
The data is saved and a new test starts.

Is the [Learning Step and Review Interval Retention add-on ] what you wanted?

This add-on also suffers from the same two weaknesses i described:

  • double counting; and
  • overdue cards are not excluded. Plus:
  • Fuzz ruins the stats for Learn phase.
  • Learn and relearn cards are mixed
    But for the Graduating interval, this add-on should work if:
  • paired with “Defuzz” add-on.
  • Overdue lapsed cards marked during review and manually extracted from the count.

The proposed add-on will fill the huge gap in Anki - by providing a good start for the Young cards. I see the question “What my Learn steps should be” every other week.
Students have frequent exams and need to start running, from day-1, with an efficient set-up.

Thank you.

I see. That is not just displaying info and stats in the main creen or deck overview but altering the behaviour and moreover doing it dynamically. I do not see the connexion with my add-on. What you ask is rather complex and would be above my current skills and Anki code familiarity.

Thanks a lot for your time.

updated on 2020-07-24T22:00:00Z


  • you can customize the text styling: color, size, font, bolding in the add-on configuration window.
  • added custom separator, “,” by default.
  • you can modify the text show before and after the review count in the add-on configuration window.

Here are some examples:


using different text, for instance in Spanish language:

my personal choice:

like a digital clock:

artistic font:

tiny colored:

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Hi, thanks for the add-on! How do I change the colors, font, etc.?

Hi, you can do it inside the add-ons configuration. Either way I will update the add-on to have presets and test it on current versions. I think the last time I test it was on 2.1.30

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Muchas gracias.

Is there a way to show how many new cards were learned today on the home page?

Hello, I guess that could be done feasibly easy. let me get some days to try it out as I am fairly busy now. I haven’t made an add-on since 2.1.28 so I need to refresh a little bit,

@guillempalausalva Hello, how do we change the number style to digital clock or other ones you showed on main page? TIA!

  1. Go to the add-ons tab
  2. search for the add-on ( show total review…)
  3. choose and press the "config"button on the bottom right corner
  4. there is info in the right corner (if not then go to the gifthub or the anki add-on page of the creator)
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