Show cards that changed deck?

Im trying to count how many new cards i added last month (so i know the average of how many cards i added per day). Problem is that half the cards are brand new (which show up in stats) but the other half are being moved from other decks

in the filter bar type added:30 to check the cards added last month. You can also type it in the stats windows in case you want to filter the stats for just these cards or the opposite which will be adding a dash -added:30


I just tested it and added:30 is the same that the stats show and only includes new created cards

Is there a way to show the moved from other decks cards as well?

I don’t think Anki logs deck movement. You could certainly do that with an add-on but information about previous deck changes is lost.

I dont need the exact info on movement, but some indicator would be nice

When you import a deck, card creation field is useless anyway

Is there a way to mark cards as new in order to update this creation field?

The idea is to encourage reuse of cards that are already created instead of remaking them