Ruzu Anki pop ups - not working on mac

I installed anki on my macbook pro and I installed the chrome add on “ruzu, Anki connect”, to get pop up notification every one hour. I’m able to see the anki addon having “on” symbol, but I’m not getting the notification on my mac. I have previously installed this on a windows machine without any problem, Not sure, why its not working in mac. Any help is appreciated.

can anybody please help me on this? thanks

Maybe you have turned off browser notifications on your Mac? Just a guess. Otherwise, you might have more luck contacting the developer: Ruzu Anki pop-ups - Chrome Web Store.


Yes, that was the problem… thanks a lot,
Now I want to skip few questions in the anki deck, meaning, If I have 5000 words to practise, How can I set it from to start at 100 instead of sero any Idea how can I do that.

Suspend / Bury those cards. Studying - Anki Manual.

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