Rust Programming — From the Bottom Up (Deck support)

This is the support thread for my deck on the Rust programming language, found here. Any questions, comments, concerns, or corrections are highly appreciated to make this deck as accurate and helpful as possible. Thanks for stopping by.


Thanks for the deck! There’s one issue and one potential error I’ve had:

Issue: The cards introduce (string) format placeholders without introducing the underlying formatting. IOW, somebody who doesn’t know the latter will have no idea how and for what those placeholders are to be used.

Error: On the “How can a function be passed a reference that allows for the editing of the referenced value?” card, I don’t think “&mut david” is incorrect, syntactically and semantically. See eg. here for the four different mut combinations. Did you mean “david: &mut type”?

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In regard to the error, yes, I believe I did mean that. I wasn’t fully conscious of the distinction myself, so you’ve taught me something new. As far as a stronger string formatting foundation goes, I’ll be sure to keep that in mind while working on the deck next time. Hope it’s been a help otherwise, thanks for the feedback.

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