Registration email address malformed - need help

At registration I mistyped my email address with a comma instead of a period when I signed up and paid for AnkiApp unlimited (My bad, I get that)

I now cannot login to my account or change the password. I therefore cannot log in to the web app or mobile app.

I need an AnkiApp admin to go in and edit my email account name to replace the comma with a period so I can login and access the account.

I did raise some tickets from the desktop app which still works but have not had any response. (maybe because they are using the duff email address with a comma that goes into a black hole )

The registration process should validate the email address since this is critical to the whole process.

I did pay £38.99 for AnkiApp Unlimited so I believe I should get some support and not just have to abandon the account which seems to be the only option when there are problems with the email address.

Learning is: sign up for the free version first and check everything works okay before getting your credit card out

Sadly, AnkiApp deliberately chose a confusingly similar name to leech off Anki’s popularity. Maybe you can still revoke your subscription and use Anki, which is free except for the iOS app.


@Rumo Very many thanks for your answer. I will take your advice.