Pressing "c" while I am in the reviewer temporarily skips the card--unknown function origin

I used to use “c” to toggle clickable tags when doing cards, but I had to stop doing that after the following functionality came up:

If I press “c” while I’m reviewing cards, it will skip the given card and present it at a later point in the same queue. I’m a bit confused as to why this happens though. I didn’t see any mention of this function in the manual and I have checked my Customized Keyboard Shortcuts addon for such a feature but I couldn’t find anything. The weird part is if I’m editing a field while reviewing (using the edit field during review add-on) and I type the letter “c,” the normal functionality of toggling clickable tags happens. It’s only when the focus is on the main reviewer window that hitting “c” results in skipping the card. Does anyone else experience something similar with “c” or another letter that skips the card or am I just being dumb and overlooked some easy option?

I think it’s an add-on - c does nothing for me in stock Anki.