Parameters : "Next day stars at" can't sync into server

I always alter parameter “Next day stars at” to review cards in advanced, But I found this parameter can’t sync correctly. So I need to separately set this parameter in different client.

Could you kindly help me to correct this question? Thanks a lot.

You can try custom study > review ahead instead.

Thanks for your feedback.
I have over 20 decks,If I using custom study,I have to set this operation one by one. apperently, it’s not convenient.

Could you add parameter "Next day stars at“ to sync queque?
Thanks a million.

The ‘new day starts at’ option is not intended to be regularly changed. If you wish to review all decks at once, you can use custom study on one deck, then change the options of the filtered deck to remove the ‘deck:…’ part.

You should also disable the legacy timezone feature in your settings, as you do not appear to be using an old Anki client.