Orienteering decks support thread

Learning orienteering Map Symbols and Control Descriptions is a perfect case for Anki. I assume I’m not the only one to find it a good fit, so sharing a few decks I created a while ago.

I’ll list the decks below, but you can always find them by searching for orienteering. If there’s no results, decks probably haven’t been downloaded for a while and were deleted. In that case, ping me and I’ll restore them.

Happy orienteering!

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The decks below are based on the most recent standards on the day of creation (somewhere in 2018): ISOM’2017 (for map symbols) and IOF’2018 (for controls).
(Let me know if there are important updates since then warranting updating the decks).

Each card is shown in two decks.
“Question” (card face) is in both cases a graphical symbol. In case of Control Description, card face also indicate what symbol group (description sheet box) the symbol belongs to.

“Brief” deck only shows the symbol name as an answer (card back).
“Full” deck shows the name and detailed description(*) as an answer.

Essentials and/or not obvious details are highlighted in bold in full descriptions to help with self-assessment of an answer.

(*) Detailed descriptions intended for map users only, no cartography related requirements (element size, footprint, overlap with other elements, etc) included.

All decks:

  1. Map Symbols (brief)
  2. Map Symbols (full)
  3. Control Descriptions (brief)
  4. Control Descriptions (full)
  5. Map Symbols + Control Descriptions (brief)
  6. Map Symbols + Control Descriptions (full)

Suggested order of learning:

  • Read through all the full descriptions for Map Symbols (deck #2 above) to understand variations, e.g. orchard (open land) vs orchard (rough open land),
  • Learn Map Symbols by names, using “brief” deck (#1),
  • Learn Control Descriptions by names, using “brief” deck (#3),
  • Learn controls and map symbols mixed together (#5) in a single deck to exercise differentiating visual similarities, e.g. boulder on a map and knoll in a control description,
  • Then get back to a full deck (#6) to learn all the details,
  • Go outside and enjoy the run!

Hi madeofatoms,
I try to open your links for the Orienteering Shared decks, but they are no longer available.
Please, may you restore them?
Thank you a lot!