New behavior adding cards with latest update

I have noticed a change in how certain new cards are added to the queue. I have designed cards that, when I first learn them, I add certain information that triggers the creation of a new card using the same data. Previously, these new cards would show up at the end of the queue, which suited me fine. With the latest update, however, it appears that the new cards are added in the same position as the old card. For example, Card A (New #500) “spawns” Card B (New #500). My workaround has been to set the deck to bury related cards, then manually reposition the cards to the end of the queue on the desktop. This, however, has added several steps to my workflow, which is complex enough without this.

Has anyone else noticed this different behavior? Is it a deliberate choice? Could it possibly be made an option in future releases?



Hi Tim,

If I recall correctly, older Anki versions behaved the same way. The logic is to ensure the related content is presented around the same time, just as it would be if it had been added from the start. I can see how an argument could be made to behave differently, and will keep an eye on demand for such functionality.

Thanks for the explanation.

In case anyone is interested in this use case, I have cards that, for example, are musical patterns that are then transposed up to a new pitch level with each card that is added. When I first encounter a pattern as a new card, I am prompted to take the entry from the previous card (T0) and transpose it up, putting the results in the field (T1). This both changes the front of the card for (T1) to prompt me to play the pattern, and triggers the creation of a card for (T2).

In this case, the new behavior would result in playing one pattern at different levels until I have exhausted the range of my instrument, while leaving other patterns and different types of content neglected. I hope this sheds some light on why I brought it up.

Thank you for all you put into Anki. It is clearly a labor of love.


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