Missing strings on pontoon

it always shows that 24 strings are missing but in graphs it show that everything is 100% translated.
I’ve checked other languages. Polish, Chinese (zh-TW), Catalan, and Arabic are like this too.

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That is a known issue. Spanish language is the only exception. I guess because dae did something manually upon some request I did, even as an unintended side effect.


I’ve seen that topic. thought it was just the percentage. didn’t think it had already addressed the strings too.
thanks for the clarification btw.

I think this is just incorrect stats rather than strings actually being missing - please just ignore the missing number for now, while we wait to see if any come back in Spanish when future changes are made.

I found a ‘recalculate stats’ command - please let me know if that’s helped.

Edit: unfortunately, it looks like it didn’t.