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Manual database modification to create fuzz on learning cards

Good morning

Can I manually change the due date column in cards table of the collection.anki2? What harm would that do?

I have been using Anki for about 2 months now and I started to notice that due to my long learning steps, I’m seeing the same bunch of cards at different dates (i.e. because there is no fuzz).

So, I’m wondering, is there an add-on to create the fuzz effect on LEARNING cards?

If not, is it okay to manually modify the due dates from the Due column of the cards table in the database? I know my way around (I think). I know exactly when I created my collection and I know that the database considers the due dates relatively to the collection creation date.

So, is it fine to just modify that column? Is there any harm from doing so??? I thought that there would be no issue as they’re only learning cards and have no ‘real’ interval (unlike review cards)

Edit: I know that Anki creates a fuzz for review cards. I’m trying to avoid ease hell and also the current learning steps seem to be working extraordinarily well.

Thank you in advance

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I think I saw the same thing on reddit a day or two ago.

I don’t think there will be any harm. Because this number (for the learning cards) is literally just there for a ‘short’ time span. It also doesn’t contribute to the algorithm, because it is set by YOU and not Anki. As you correctly stated, there is not “real” interval for Anko to work with.

However, I think the best person to ask is @dae

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I have already modified them. Nothing bad happened…yet.

Yep, I was kinda hoping he’d have the time to have a look at this post. I’ll wait a little longer. But just like I said, nothing bad happened. No errors. No wrong dates being assigned. I have been monitoring the thing very closely :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply

No problem!

Also, I believe that there is an add-on which can change the due date of learning cards without rescheduling them. Here is the link:

It was last tested on 2.1.23. The current version is 2.1.29. Not sure if there are any incompatibility issues. Backup your collection and test it out. See if it satisfies your needs.

Assuming you get the queue correct, it should be ok. I’ve added an example to Please note the warning about direct DB access below.

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Thank you for your response. It is much appreciated. Don’t worry, I’m only modifying the Due column of learning cards, nothing else. I learned this the hard way :-)))

EDIT: Apologies, I have just recognised that there seems to be two types of queue numbers for learning cards (1 and 3). My learning steps are all over 1440 mins (hence why my queue numbers are always 3). Feel free to skip the rubbish below! Thank you once again!

----------------------Skip everything below----------------------
Does this look fine?

I didn’t quite get what you meant by

The Queue column for Learning cards (the only cards which I’m modifying) is always 3.

I’ve tried out the ReMemorize add-on as @surrealism41 has suggested (I changed its config to not graduate the learning cards). It did the exact same things as I do (just changed the the Due column. Results are below. Green is ReMemorize, red is me

Yes, queue 2 or 3 is safe.