Line breaks show as regular spaces

I’m trying to edit the fields in a note and have to add some line breaks. However, they show just as regular spaces. Here is my code:

def tense_to_string(tense: list[str]):

    string = ''

    for i in tense:
        string = string + i + '\n'

    return string[:-1]

def fill_latin_verb(note: Note) -> None:
    if note.has_tag('regular'):
        if note.has_tag('primeira_conjugação') or note.has_tag('segunda_conjugação'):
            uerbum = note.fields[0]
            radix = uerbum[:-1]
            theme = radix + ('a' if note.has_tag('primeira conjugação') else 'e')

            tense = [theme for i in range(6)]

            note.fields[1] = tense_to_string(tense)

Edit: I’m aware of the
solution, I wouldn’t like to use it.

Try <br> instead of \n. The fields content is in HTML.

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I’m aware of this solution - should have mentioned it in the post. I know it’s possible to use ordinary line breaks in the fields, I use them when filling the fields through application or CSV files and I like much more the result visually. Is there anyway to achieve it from code?

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