Learned Cloze Overlapper cards

What’s everyone doing with their Cloze Overlapper cards when they’ve pretty much got them locked?

With cards I’m confident with I now only want the whole list.

I also want the whole list to get put back into learning if I miss one of the bullets.

Right now I’m between:
a) permanently suspending all the cards except the full cloze (and create a filter to filter the suspended cards out of many of my browser searches
b) trashing the card and creating a normal cloze.

Advantages of (a) (suspending all the cards except the full cloze)

  • no need to take the time to redo the cards
  • keeps metadata for future intervals

Advantages of (b) trashing the card and creating a normal cloze

  • keeps browser cleaner (incl searches)

What’s everyone else doing? I feel I’m spending too much time on these cards now, so keeping them in rotation isn’t really what I want. I realize I could see the cards less often if I answer “easy” but answering “easy” on cards that aren’t really easy isn’t a habit I want to start - technically remember #3 in a list is no easier than remembering the entire list.

Thanks for any input.