Latest update of Anki keeps crashing

It’s functioning properly for me too. @dae comes to the rescue. :partying_face:

It would be understandable if support for such outdated macOS versions was ultimately discontinued. However, I’m delighted that the latest version will continue to work for a while longer.

The Qt5 beta posted by @dae works for me on MacOS 10.15.7.

Thanks all.

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Thank you for you patience @dae, sorry I was sick in bed all day (worried about Anki :laughing:)

I tested the latest build from that beta folder and it works fine now on 10.14, just like @Gustaf-C 's version yesterday !

Thank you again @dae for making such efforts so we can continue using Anki on older machines. Beyond the ecological motif, 10.14 doesn’t feel that old (only 5 years), but it’s the latest safe environment I can have on my 2014 macbook before it breaks the pre-Catalina software I need in my research. I really appreciate it !


Thank you so much for your hardwork, dae :smiley:

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It now works for me on 10.15.7 OS Catalina. Any idea when this debugged version will be put on the main download page (taken out of beta) so that it saves others from having to find this forum and download the beta. Thanks for all the hard work.

Currently in Release Candidate on GitHub, should be released soon (especially for Homebrew)

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