Is this 2.1.22 getTime error important?

After upgrading to the current version I downgraded back down to Anki version 2.1.22 on linux for addon compatibility. I ran Anki from the command line and while everything seemed to work fine, in the console a few errors were displayed, mostly “JS error on line 2712: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getTime’ of undefined”. Normally I don’t run Anki from the command line so these errors could easily have been around without me noticing before I upgraded/downgraded. Should I be worried about something important like scheduling being broken?

Obviously the standard response is to upgrade to the current version and I might end up doing so. I don’t expect a solution to the error, but I was hoping there might be a chance that someone here would have some context for this and be able to tell me if upgrading is actually necessary (or if what I’ve done so far has somehow messed up my decks).