"is:review" doesn't include lapsed cards in AnkiDroid 2.16.5 anymore?

According to AnkiDroid (2.16.x) and Desktop documentations, the search term (is:review) should result in “reviews (both due and not due) and lapsed cards”; but the filter doesn’t include my lapsed cards when I search the home deck (in the card browser).

I checked and I have no buried or suspended cards; also I have emptied all filtered decks so that all cards are available in the home deck.

Is there any new change in the documentations (regarding search by card state) that not applied yet? Please explain why filter “is:review” doesn’t behave as described in the documentation.

BTW I’m using AnkiDroid 2.16.5 (downloaded from GitHub).

I’m using 2.16.5 as well. For me is:review includes cards that are currently lapsed and in the relearning steps is:review is:learn, along with the rest of my review cards is:review -is:learn.

Are you sure you have any currently lapsed/relearning cards?

sure, I have two lapsed cards: one awaiting relearning steps and the other one is in the relearning steps;

I can filter them by prop:lapses>0 is:learn

but is:review doesn’t include them!

is:learn is:review shows no cards (empty)!

I can confirm that I’m getting the same cards with prop:lapses>0 is:learn as I do with is:learn is:review. What does the Card Info look like for your lapsed cards?

Are you seeing the same result on AnkiDesktop (and what version)?

For what it’s worth, I ran this query on my collection in desktop Anki:
prop:lapses>0 is:learn -is:review
and got one card.

By definition, this is a card that is returned by prop:lapses>0 is:learn but not by is:review

According to the Help page on searching Card State, is:learn -is:review
finds cards that are in learning for the first time.

The card in question is suspended and its Card Info page shows it in Learn (not Relearn).

In my case, I manually used Forget on this card, then it went into learning, then I manually suspended it for some reason (it only has one lapse, so it didn’t hit the leech threshold). It was suspended quite some time ago, so I don’t remember the details of why I did that.

Card info:

Mine downloaded from GitHub (not from Play Store)

BTW I don’t have Anki Desktop.

That’s confusing to me. Your cards were still in Learn after being rated Good, but then graduated to Review after an Again rating?

I have always understood that the “Type” listed on a line is the card’s state at when it was shown, then it was given that Rating, setting that new Interval and Ease.

So I would interpret that as:
card in Learn, which was then rated 3,
resulting in card in Learn, which was then rated 3,
resulting in card in Review, which was then rated 1,
resulting in card in Relearn, which was then rated 1 …

True, that was exactly what I did with the second card! It’s confusing to me too why is:review doesn’t include my lapsed cards!

And true, Type (in Card info) is not the card state but it is the state in which card was being studied when rating it.

That’s about the only difference I can see. My version is Play Store. Other than that your review history seems similar enough to mine, so it’s not clear why you would be getting different search results.

I checked the issue tracker, and I found [Bug] "is:learn is:review" not showing any cards · Issue #9573 · ankidroid/Anki-Android · GitHub – which was resolved 2 years ago. But it looks like it was resolved with the new backend – which I have enabled. Do you?

For what it’s worth, I tested these same searches there, and got consistent results with AnkiDroid.


Sorry, I couldn’t get backend enabled! Where is it?

Maybe there’s some confusion about what a “lapsed card” actually means in the documentation.

It seems to be defined as a card that reached the Review stage, but then you rated it as Again, so it’s currently in Relearning. Once it exits relearning and goes into review, it is no longer a lapsed card. However it still has one or more lapses in its track record history, and therefore will have prop:lapses>0.

So when you say “I have two lapsed cards” and " I can filter them by prop:lapses>0", maybe it doesn’t work that way.

In a more extreme case, if you do Forget on a card and uncheck the “Reset repetition and lapse counts”, then you will have a New card which nonetheless has a non-zero prop:lapses count.

prop:lapses>0 is:learn is what I used and can only be interpreted as cards awaiting relearning steps or already in the relearning steps

Well, again, technically it could be in learning rather than relearning.

Like in my earlier message mentioned, you can have
prop:lapses>0 is:learn -is:review
bring up cards that are in learning for the first time despite having past lapses, as long as there was a Forget somewhere along that way that reset it to new without resetting its lapses count to zero.

But anyway, from your card history, that doesn’t seem to be what’s happening for your two cards.

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So perhaps I did something that caused my relearning cards (lapsed cards) turn into learning cards!

I don’t remember something special that might cause that! As far as I remember I did:

  1. I changed Start of next day several times for some reasons;
  2. Rescheduled a few cards in another home deck;
  3. Created a filtered deck for another home deck with option Enable second filter marked
    That’s it.
  4. Used “Undo last review”

Settings > Advanced > Experimental

Yes, it has a scary warning with it – but I (and a lot of other folks) have been using it for 6m or more (since 2.15.x, even), with zero issues. And I think it’s still anticipated to be the only option in the next version.

In fact, one of the main devs told me (on Discord) last June:

Tbh, it’s pretty stable, a few crashes during syncing and reviewing if you switch between screens … When I’m back and 2.16 is out, the first thing I’ll be doing will be to disable and remove the ‘old’ backend and guarantee that we’ll get the ‘new’ backend as 2.17

I think if that were the case, then your Card Info wouldn’t show “Relearn” as the type for any of them. Since you obviously haven’t done a “Forget” or another Manual adjustment on those cards, I think you’re right that one of them looks like it is about to start the relearning steps, and the other is in the relearing steps.

Yes, the new backend did the trick.


is:learn showed three (re)learning cards; one in learning for the first time, the others are relearning ones

is:learn is:review showed my relearning (lapsed) cards (2 cards)

is:learn -is:review showed the one in learning for the first time

BTW Hope the new Deck options’ interface and appearance (when the new backend enabled) get some improvements in v2.17 .

TY guys for the discussion


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