How to use the next-generation spaced repetition algorithm FSRS on Anki?

I didn’t collect data from FSRS’s users, so I don’t know how much the variance is between different users.


You can create a form for people to volunteer their parameters back to you and link it from the documentation of FSRS. Or ask in a thread in the forum.

These are mine:

var w = [0.792, 2.775, 4.0783, -1.0264, -1.3683, 0.0085, 1.4787, -0.0874, 0.7958, 1.5996, -0.4566, 0.6372, 0.8276];

Tried this as well:

var w = [1.2769, 1.3422, 4.9393, -0.6972, -1.1097, 0.0058, 1.6945, -0.0955, 1.0673, 2.0885, -0.1143, 0.6158, 1.0841];

Really cool work!


In your paper, you mention that you have some logs from Maimemo. Is it possible to convert the Maimemo logs to the format used by the optimizer? It would be interesting to know what the stddev looks like for each parameter in order to create a default set that fits the average user. Could the Maimemo dataset can be open-sourced? I would be willing to do this work myself if I had access to the data.

I have a deck that I have been using for almost 2 years, however I have changed the learning steps several times and studied across many different timezones. For this reason, I don’t think the optimizer will work correctly when trained on my personal data.


Amazing! Thank you

I get an error running the code at step 4

Also, using this, would you recommend still going for the pass/fail method or would using all the options be better? I have settings that were suitable for me with the aforementioned

Edit: nvm, found the compability list. All I need is help with the error :))

Which browser did you use? This error often occurs on Firefox.

I want to feed some bug issue:on windows10 pro 22H2,Anki 5.1.55 QT5, Custom scheduling saved the javascript,after some days ,the Custom scheduling is empty.
在windows 10 pro系统下面安装的Anki 5.1.55 QT5版本,在使用这个插件的时候,需要往anki的Custom scheduling里面保存JavaScript脚本,但是,保存没有几天,这里的脚本会无缘无故的消失。Anki 5.1.55 QT5是一直存在丢失Custom scheduling现象的。我不知道Anki 5.1.56 QT5是否解决了这个bug(目前升级到了5.1.56 QT5正在观察中,后续如果还存在丢失配置信息的问题,我会继续到这个帖子中反馈)。因为目前无法判断到底是anki的问题,还是说是插件本身的问题,还在观察中。

大哥, 你要每個外國人用google translate 看你的文字嗎?

你自己先google translate 做英文, 替所有人省時間不行嗎?

Brother, do you want every foreigner to use google translate to read your text?

Can you google translate to do English first, save time for everyone?

I did indeed use Firefox. Is this info written anywhere? Might’ve missed it

I forgot to write about it. Could you use chrome and try it again?

I don’t use Chrome :)) I tried using Microsoft Edge Version 108.0.1462.76 (Official build) and had no problems there, if that helps

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on the other hand,

may i ask is it hard to write an engine for anki?

i’ll suggest super memo to made a close source commercial SM18 for us anki users indeed.

priority in anki could be mgt by decks of different interval modifiers;

for IR we got more than 1 plugin.

SM18 is the only thing i am interested in SM. thx

I’m starting a new deck with about 30,000 cards.

How long do you recommend for me to test my own weights?

Is it more study time or quantity?

Once a month is enough.

Hey L.M.Sherlock!

Thanks for sharing your work, I am a medical graduate using Anki daily during my medical Step 2 preparation, I have followed every step in this tutorial but I have encountered this
My hard interval is longer than my good interval, is this normal?

Sorry if this is too basic for you, I am an Anki Amateur.

Thanks again,

What is your learning steps setting? And what ratings did you press?

I am so sorry to bother you, I’m using the V3 scheduler, and I’m thinking that there are issues with the scheduling settings, but everything seems fine here:

What’s my plan?
I’m adding new cards on a daily basis, planning to sit for the exam in June or July, and I’m revising cards every night til’ that date. I expect to create a 2000 cards-maximum deck.

Thanks for replying

Why the interval of again is 25m? I only see that your learning steps are 15m 1d and relearning steps are 20m 1d.