How to disable AwasomeTTS error messages?

In cases when I have no internet connection I constantly receive these annoying notifications from AwasomeTTS while studying new cards. How to get rid of them?

The description of the addon contains the following:

Bug Reporting Reward Program
Anyone who reports bugs in AwesomeTTS will receive a reward, as a way to thank you for your contribution to the community. Please email


That is not a bug. That is intended behavior to show an error message if there is no internet connection to play audio (speak text) on-the-fly. In the past there was a checkmark to disable these error messages in the AwasomeTTS settings:

But, for some reason, developers decided to remove the whole “Playback” tab with that checkmark. So I’m looking for an alternative way to disable error notifications.

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Sou could try HyperTTS, the successor of AwesomeTTS. According to the add-on description, it has all the same features.

I have no experience with either of them, but HyperTTS will probably have better support in the long run.