Help for deck issues


If help is needed regarding any of my decks please reply here and let me know.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

You really need to explain more what is wrong.

If this is intended as a support page for a deck you shared to AnkiWeb, a link to its AnkiWeb page and a more descriptive title will be helpful for users.

Oh I made it as a support link for Anki decks I uploaded.
No problems here, thanks for trying to help though, it’s good to know people like you are around to be help!

Ahh right, but I really doubt people will download my Anki decks. I made this as like a just if for the tiny % of chance. The main reason I uploaded the decks was to have them backed up as I’m going to delete a few of my decks and just need some backup

My deck isn’t appearing. It wasn’t even deleted out of sudden it got vanished. To be more precise i by mistake added a wrong deck in other so i was trying to remove that deck from there. While i changed the decks name to remove it the empty main deck vanished. so now i can’t create a deck with name of deck that vanished idk why? Can anyone tell me why…

If you just made an AnkiWeb account to synchronize/backup your data, and didn’t click the Share button shown next to a deck in the AnkiWeb interface, then I think none of your decks will be public.
You don’t have to share your decks publicly to be able to use AnkiWeb.

Ahh right. I believe I Shared them since when I click ‘my shared items’ they’re available there.

Sorry my friend, I don’t think this is the right forum, I changed the name just now. It’s meant to be a support for the decks I created.

Really sorry for the confusion, hope you fix your issue soon.