Force deck description update

Hello everyone,

I’m working on a web application that would allow you all to share your Anki decks with more possibilities than here on Ankiweb. Most importantly, my website is introducing an update-checker, which will allow you to update your shared decks and notify all of its users that an update is available (gonna share it here in a month or two, when I polish things up a little).

However, I ran into an issue. The notification system relies on the deck description being updated when a new APKG file with the same deck (aka the updated version of the shared deck) is imported, which doesn’t happen. For now, I need to ask the users to copy a few lines of HTML code after downloading the update and replace the deck description with it, which is rather inconvenient, considering that some of my classmates are capable of writing “” into Google.

Is there a way to not only update the notes but also the deck description on import? If it’s not possible to do it from the user interface (or with an add-on), I’m willing to modify the SQL database present in the APKG archive, I just need to know what needs to be changed.

Thanks in advance for your advice.