Feature request: selective type of media


I would like to have the option to specify what media I want to sync: image / sound. For instance, I want to sync images only, not audio. I have tens of thousands of images already, which I rely when reviewing. Most audio is either TTS generated or scrapped from online resources, so I don’t mind losing them.

The overall goal is avoiding hours-long media synchronization where most of audio files won’t be played on my phone.

Sorry if that was requested before, I haven’t been active in the community for a while.


If you don’t want to put them in a separate profile, perhaps you could use a similar approach to Implementing Media Sync Filter functionality post Rust backend?

I has not aware of that. Good to know there are people with similar concerns. It could have been helpful in the past. Now suspended cards represent a very tiny fraction of my collection.

The point is that I do have images and sounds on the same notes. So I cannot split the collection into different profiles for that matter. Also, this is the only profile I do sync as the other two are way above the limitations and I also don’t use them on the phone, so that would just be a cloud backup in fact.

I tried to use the built-in TTS functionality since it was available in order to waive the media file count, unfortunately in Windows, the quality is outregerously horrible. I usually use google TTS or Amazon Polly.

The only way arround this I see today is creating a subfolder for audio ( I am aware this is not suported officially), so all audio is ignored (and update all references via regex). I could manually copy the file to my phone. The only caveat is that check media will not be that useful. I am adding images incrementally. I think I have about 20K images in that profile manually added into Anki and these are the media files I want in my phone.

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I believe recent AwesomeTTS versions support the standard {{tts:…}} syntax - maybe you can modify it so it cached files somewhere other than the media folder.

I see. Makes sense as at home I always have connection to the internet. That would clear the googletts. For Polly I use my own scripts as it is not supported in AwesomeTTS add-on.