[Feature request] Add voice recordings directly in the note window

Add voice recordings to the new or existing note(s) directly in the note entry / edit mask / window. (please take a look onto the screenshot I’ve attached to the post)

As a result we would be able to have pure audio notes, audio and text notes, audio, text and picture notes etc (and any other possible combinations for front and back note(s)

How it potentially could be done one can see in such app like HelloTalk and / or Tandem

Please also take a look onto the screenshot I have attached to the post

It will save the audio files (voice recordings) locally on device(s) and synchronize them with the server(s).

  • HelloTalk and Tandem are language learning and language exchange platforms

The computer version and AnkiMobile already have the ability to add recordings to notes - for AnkiDroid feature suggestions, please post them over on the AnkiDroid forum.

Hi Damien,

Did as instructed

Here is the link to the new post: