Extended editor for field (for tables, search&replace, ...) [Official thread]

Thank you so much for the table add-ons. Can the tab order be changed to go down and then across rather than across and then down? Useful for entering declensions and conjugations. Thank you again.

@oldlatindog: I agree that an option to customize this would be useful. But I have no idea how to do this so it would certainly take me a very long time (which I don’t have now or in the next year). So I can’t help.

ljgnd – Thank you for your reply. It is still a great add on. Thank you again.

@igjnd Hi, I haven’t had time to try it out yet, but your solution sounds like it should work!

Hi, I think with the new update it’s broken the split cell function? It used to be available for any cell, but now it only works for re-splitting cells you’ve merged. Everything else works fine (and thank you so much for making the add on in the first place. it is an absolute lifesaver. i have so many notes with tables). I’m on Anki 2.1.35

@jchoi: Strange. My impression was that direct splitting never worked. I just tested with add-on versions that are going back to the end of 2020 - and even with these old add-on versions I couldn’t split a cell directly (it only works as you described for re-splitting cells I just merged). You are on Anki 2.1.35 so you automatically get add-on updates so that you had these versions over the last year. If you have an old backup maybe you can restore an old version of the add-on and try again (and use an add-on like my postpone/delay addon update for selected addons - AnkiWeb to prevent auto updates of this add-on).

That is quite odd… I was going to try and restore it to an older version but I couldn’t find the github page for it? The github link on the addon page doesn’t work (404).

I removed the github repo because I always forgot to push my latest changes so that if someone looked at the github repo they’d only see older code than what’s on ankiweb.

I have the old versions on my other computer. Maybe you have it in an old backup of yours?

Currently whenever I copy a table from word, the table property width is set to 99%, how do I convert it to 100% automatically?

@sik: I have no idea. I have not looked into internals of the bundled editor. I usually don’t paste into this extra window due to the limitations mentioned on the add-on page.

Your plugin is really great, I’ve been using for some time. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
What can support full screen, enter experience will be better when in full screen. :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:

@ammma : I’ve added it to my todo list but it’s very low priority so who knows when and if I’ll find time to add it (especially since I expect problems = the need for special code for different platforms like macos, etc.)

can you make the font size changer much more easily accessed, I have to go through many clicks just to get to the font size changer. Maybe anyway to modify the items that can be easily accessed in the toolbar instead of having to go through many clicks?

Anyways, thank you for your work on this add on, it has been fantastic and a pleasure to use!

I understand there is the option to use different size headers, however I also hope the font size changer can be made easily accessible too, like Microsoft word interface. Thanks!

Thank you for the reply. Have a great day!

@SIK: you can already add a button for each style you create. You can also access all styles from a menu by pressing the key F2 (at least that’s the default hotkey), so you don’t have to learn many additional custom shortcuts.

The add-on could naturally be made more easy to use but this this basically requires a full rewrite of this add-on which is unlikely to happen any time soon.

@SIK: ignore the first part of my reply. I thought you were referring to a different add-on that I originally made. so the first part about the config and the hotkey f2 is wrong.

I haven’t looked into the config of the embedded editor in the last two years and I have no time for it at the moment so - even though I’ve added the word like font size changer idea to my todo list - there won’t be any changes before next summer.

Hey thanks so much, really appreciate the time you take to help many like myself. No problems, I understand your situation. Thanks for trying🙂

Is there a keyboard shortcut for the save button, I think it is useful to have one since everyone will make an edit and eventually have to click the save button.

Also is it possible to add a keyboard shortcut for the font size changer? That would be really helpful too