Exporting/importing ease and interval

It would be nice to be able to specify a function to convert “ease” and/or “interval” to a more discreet measure and to be able to export that measure. Reason is that there are other study tools that can export files to import into Anki and have such a measure. The one I use has statuses 1,2,3,4,5, and 98. From “just started” to “well-known.” If I export a status 2 into Anki, and learn it much better, it remains 2 in LWT or FLTR. It would be nice to be able to transfer progress into and out of both tools.

Even exporting or importing Anki’s values would help, since one could convert to/from the status before going to the other tool. I scrolled through the add-on list but didn’t find anything that appeared to meet the goal.


Can you identify these other tools please - with the most useful links.

In what way are these tools better or worse than Anki ?


Not better. Not worse. Anki plus one of these is better than either alone.

LWT is older. LWT ◆ Learning with Texts download | SourceForge.net

FLTR is newer. FLTR ◆ Foreign Language Text Reader download | SourceForge.net

Even though LWT site calls it “number one,” the author went on to do FLTR. At least I believe they are the same author. I have been using LWT for years. Haven’t yet tried FLTR. I’m hoping FLTR improves on some of my minor issues with LWT, though I already know it loses a few details I’d like to keep.

Biggest difference: FLTR doesn’t require a web server, so it can be used without internet. But that also means I can’t use it on my iPad on the bus. (LWT can be used without internet if I install it AND activate MySQL and Apache on my laptop. But I can’t do any of that on an iPad.

Thanks for the links. These tools look v. useful.


  • Anki addon authors aim to improve Anki
  • LWT/FLTR authors aim to improve L/F.

I don’t think any of those authors would want to create addons to improve someone else’s tool :slight_smile:

However, you say that you can successfully import stuff from L/F into Anki. So, after a few iterations on Anki, the next time you visit L/F, you will manually press a button with your improved memory. Surely that will upgrade your L/F status to whatever it would have been if you had programmatically imported that status from Anki. Yes? No?


Not quite. In order to change the status of a word in the other tool, I have to click on that word, then click on the status I want it to be. That updates the status of that word only. Nothing else changes.

Furthermore, an ability for Anki to import or export a change in status would not be an improvement on some other tool that already has that ability. But it would be an improvement on Anki. Perhaps not one most folks would use, but still an improvement. And for anyone using both tools, it would make both more useful.

Those of us using both are most likely a minority. Are there enough of us to make such a change worthwhile?

I’d be willing to pay for an add-on that can do it, but I probably can’t pay what the amount of work is worth. (I’m a retired software engineer, so I realize it would be more work than most people might think.)

I’d do it myself—SQL was my main language on the job—but I haven’t been able to find a database containing the words and values.