Export notes to markdown jq or python?

There seem to be a few options for creating notes from markdown. I am looking for the opposite. I would like to export all my notes perhaps to a yaml header of individual markdown (or even asciidoc) files and then access those files in zettlr, Obsidian or nvim for linking to other info.

I was looking at jq to extract from crowdanki’s deck.json file. But I wasn’t able as yet to get the syntax of the filter correct to even list the notes. Does anyone have any suggestions on that? I’m just not experienced enough with json and databases.

I could also do this though with awk from the csv files produced by brainbrew. As I understand maybe at some point brainbrew would do this from its receipies, but not at the moment.

Or is there perhaps already a python script that could help me out? thanks for any suggestions.