Different card template behaviour on iOS/macOS

As seen on the images, my card template is displayed differently on iOS and macOS. Is there any reason why?
EDIT: The placement of the timer (more specific: the distance between the {{Cloze}} and the timer) is displayed differently

This is the card:
Wie <i.>äußert</i.> sich das <i.>Krankheitsbild</i.> der <b.>multiplen Sklerose</b.> <i.>klinisch</i.>?<br.><br.>{{c1::Herabgesetzter Visus}}


What exactly do you mean? I can only see a difference in screen width and therefore different line breaks.

Yeah sorry about that, should have been more specific in my description. Have a look at the placement of the timer - there is a difference of the distance between the {{Cloze}} element and the timer.

I find using “<br>” alone can screw up formating sometimes

try using “<div><br></div>

It may also be worth seeing if you get the same behaviour with add-ons disabled.