Deleted cards on Ankiweb


I have a question. I can´t download programs on my computer, so I have only used AnkiWeb - I only logged in on the program on Chrome. So I never used the program in the downloaded version. I had an exam yesterday and decided to delete all my decks. Even if i never downloaded the program, is there any chance for me to get them all back? Can I restore the deleted decks?


Even though you can delete individual cards, you can delete the entire deck from Ankiweb


Thanks! I deleted all the decks, sorry a bit unclear. My question was regarding if I can restore them even though i never used the program when downloaded, only on from the website.


I have restored your decks from a backup made on the 19th.

Thank you very much! There were more originally, but those are not possible to restore?

If not, then it´s fine. Thanks anyway!

What’s there is what was in the backup.

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