Deck of anki contributors

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I realized that I keep forgetting contributors with who I don’t interact often. I am going to make myself a deck of some contributors and what important part they contributed to. I also expect to share it eventually, but I’ll first ask you to let me know whether you’d accept to be inside of it. I will only use public information from github, discord, reddit, or other website, but that still sounds better.

Please do not hesitate to answer that you accept to be in this deck even if we never interacted and I don’t know you. If you hesitate and think there is any reason for you to be included, then you may be included, this is not an elite group of fame, it’s just a tool to recall who is who.

As an example, Damien Elmes (if you agree) would simply be noted as creator and mainteneur of Anki. He also contributed to updating some add-ons (e.g. advanced browser) and some ankidroid problem, but that’s clearly not his main source of fame.

The AnKing creates video, deck, and most important, a community of contributors, around medical school. (he already agreed)

I’ll also list less famous people, just to remember that XXXX is working in introducing javascript add-on in AnkiDroid, ZZZZ is the first creator of AnkiDroid and YYYY helps regularly people on discord/reddit.

To be honest, I believe that Glutanimate will be the one hardest to describe. Second maybe to me, but only because, being myself, I have no idea what other people would note about me.