Data overwrite problem

Hey there,

I was using Ankiweb for studying and I accidentaly overwrote on my ankiweb.
I opened AnkiUniversal and synchronized it to AnkiWeb but i uploaded the empty version that was on my computer (on the ankiuniversal software on the ankiweb’s servers). I’ve tried to find backups everywhere (on ankiweb, on all the ankiuniversal files, on the temp folder for temporary internet files) without finding any.
I can’t find any backups on Ankiweb but it says, I’ve got 130mb of media on the cloud.

Is there something I can do or all my data is forever lost?

Thanks for your answers,
I’m quite desperate.

Please post a private message on the support site using the email address you sync with.

Hello, I just did it.
Thank you very much.