"Convert Subdecks to Tag Hierarchy" Add-on bugging out?

There is this specific add on, that i do not remember installing, that is bugging out every time I open anki. How can i find out which add on this is? I have so many add-ons on anki,

If anyone knows what add-on this is, is there a way for me to delete this? I want to know its function before I delete it…

Thank you ~ I hate seeing this every time I open up the Anki app.

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From the subject of your post, you seem to know which add-on it is, but here’s the direct link if it helps:


To get rid of it, go to Tools > Add-ons, find the addon there, click on it, hit Delete. Close and reopen Anki.

If that doesn’t work, go to Tools > Add-ons again, find the addon again, click on it, hit View Files, then close Anki. Note what folder you are in, it is probably a numeric name, go back to the folder that contains it and delete the numerically named folder. Start Anki.

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thanks! You’re right, it is the add on that is named in the text. i simply toggled it off, and it seemed to do the trick. if it messes up again i will uninstall the add on. i don’t know how this add on will affect the cards that I already have on my anki…