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As a continuation of the this subject

I suggest there will be an option “for learning the pack” using the right -wing menu, when choosing some line in the “browse” pane.

The logic behind it, because the main reason you need this pane, for example, when you want to learn about “flu” and you do not remember which pack to place the questions about “flu” and you remember the word “flu” the word: “headache” , You go to the “browse” pane and put in the “headache” search, and check what pack it is located, and move on to study the pack.

Therefore, it is requested that when you found the The particular question, you can immediately work to learn its pack, or the The particular question.

That’s a bit of a bold assumption :smiley: I can only speak for myself, but that’s not my main use for the browser search. I mainly use it to display notes I want to edit.

This add-on may be of interest to you:
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