Close card shows empty preview if no close 1

Hi there

Today I was trying to compose a new card with some Mathjax in it

I typed the following into the text field:


And then pressed the eye button to preview it

It just showed “(back extra)” on the screen



(Back extra)

Adding a close

\(test\) {{c1::two}}

Allowed it to work

Tapping flip reveals the problem : no cloze 1 found on card

Suggestion: when showing the back of a card after tapping EYE it should show the rendered content even if there is no close (since it only has a small impact on the tender anyway).

Note that using mathjax is not necessary to repro this. Just the word “test” does the job.

Marhjax is significant here because I can’t necessarily envisage what it will look like so I have to tap eye from time to time to check it’s right

Some use cases rely on the fact that no matching clozes = empty, so making it preview in this case is not simple I’m afraid, but it should at least show a message like the computer version does.

as far as I can tell, by default, the preview eye opens the “backside” or revealed version - with the first close in blue. In that case there’s an obvious alternative to picking and coloring the first close blue: just show the whole backside.