Clipboard won't fire dataChanged signal

from anki.hooks import addHook
from PyQt5.QtCore import QMimeData
from PyQt5.Qt import QApplication
import aqt, anki
from aqt.utils import showInfo
from functools import partial
from aqt import mw, editor
# from aqt.qt import *
from aqt.qt import qconnect

def read_clipboard():
    clipboard = QApplication.clipboard()
    selection = clipboard.text()

    if selection:
        # QtGui.QGuiApplication.clipboard().clear()
        # QtGui.QGuiApplication.clipboard().setText(selection)

def setupClipboardListener():
    editor._onClipboardChange = read_clipboard
    # QApplication.clipboard().dataChanged.connect(partial(read_clipboard))


I can’t figure out why the QApplication.clipboard().dataChanged event won’t fire.
You can see it’s in the anki codebase, but on Windows 10 even when the app is focused, no matter what I do the event won’t fire. Is the QT framework missing this functionality now somehow?

Can anyone confirm it’s working in any version?
Thanks for reading!