Clickable audible words (probably links)

Hello, can I link audio to words?
For example:

This is an example [sound:this_is_an_example.ogg]

this_is_an_example.ogg is an audio that contains the full sentence. It has a replay button and is played automatically.
But I would provide an audio file for each word. (this.ogg, is.ogg, an.ogg and example.ogg)
They shouldn’t be played automatically but when you click on the words itself. (no replay buttons needed)

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You didn’t read what I wrote, did you?!

Okay, TL;DR version: I’d like to click on words (or objects eg; images) and play corresponding AUDIO files (vorbis preferably)

No offense but that attitude isn’t going to get people to want to answer your question…

I’m sorry if I seemed to be rude but it really upsets me when someone doesn’t say a word but links a highly unrelated url, which clearly has nothing to do with my question.

A crazy cat video would be just as appropriate as that one.