Card Repetition/Not Saving Progress

I have updated to ⁨2.1.54 QT. I recently noticed that every time that I review a new or due card, the number of new and due cards do not change (respectively). It is as if Anki is not registering that I have learned the card, because I continue to see the same card over and over, without it saving my progress. I now cannot really use Anki, because it is not tracking whether I am selecting “hard, good, easy”, rather it seems to be frozen, cycling the same cards. However, the stats of how many cards I have done that day does update.

Can you reproduce this without add-ons?

When you press Hard on a learning card, it tells Anki to repeat the current step. To move forward, you should choose Good instead.

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Yes — when I disable add-ons, it still occurs.

It occurs regardless of what button I click (hard, good, easy). It is as though the scheduler is stuck at a certain point in time. For example, I have cards that I had hit hard on, prior to the glitch. If I hit good (1 day), it does not recognize that I have learned the card. So I will see it again, shortly after, with the option to hit good (1 day) again, rather than me seeing the card the next day.

If cards were in learning when you changed the number of learning steps, that can result in the same step being repeated. If you did not change your learning steps, please locate one of the cards you pressed something other than Hard on, and use the Card Info action in the browse screen to look up its review history. Please attach a screenshot here.