Card previewer complains when using the same {{type::}} twice

There’s one case in which the previewer currently mistakenly throws its…

Only one typing box per card template is supported.

… error: When using the same {{type::}} expression (ie. with the same field) more than once on a card’s back template.

(In my case, I’m using it to show the entered text twice in two different fonts.)

I think that’s expected behavior Field Replacements - Anki Manual

Only one typing comparison can be used on a card. If you add the above text multiple times, it will not work.

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This is not a use case Anki tries to support. Why don’t you use the original field for the second font, instead of showing the comparison twice?

  1. So the same CSS rules apply since otherwise I had to worry about <code id=typeans> and its various possible <span>s (which I’ve both styled). I also didn’t want any input errors to be masked for the alternate font.
    At least, that seemed the most straightforward design at the time, in hindsight that original field would ofc also work.

  2. Simply because it was (is) still accepted in the actual template. The error is only in the previewer and not enforced when saving the template. So, retrofitting it to the reviewer now will break decks for quite a few people (edit: and hence make me regret reporting this :grinning:).

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