Can't open profile in anki 2.0 (profile doesn't show up asan option)

I’m trying to open my profile in anki 2.0 so I can use the advanced previewer addon to help study. However, I created the profile in anki 2.1 and the profile name doesn’t show up as an option to open in anki 2.0. How do I fix this?? Thanks!

bumpp. can anyone please help me?? :confused:

bumppp plz help is urgent :frowning:

Did you use the downgrade button in Anki 2.1? Not sure if this will help though, and I don’t think the profile stucture changed much since then.

yeah I did. it doesn’t help unfortunately :confused:

anyone else have ideas?? :’(

hey bumping again bc it’s still an issue…

I think downgrading to 2.0 was supported on the earlier 2.1 releases. So you could try downgrading to 2.1.1 (or something like that) and then downgrade again to 2.0.
But please do note Anki 2.0 support has ended - Frequently Asked Questions.

If you never used the profile in Anki 2.0, you’ll need to add one with the same name.