Bug: 2.1.35 not calculating "Reviews due in deck over today limit" correctly

Since I updated to 2.1.35 (MacOSX), I noticed there is a minor bug in the calculations of how many “Reviews [are] due in deck over today limit” (Found under the menu: Custom Study -> Increase today’s review card limit)

Instead of calculating how many reviews are over the limit, it appears to just tell you how many reviews are due today.

For instance, my daily review limit is 40. Today, according to the “Stats” menu, I have 47 reviews due. But when I click Custom study->Increase today’s review card limit, it says I have 47 reviews due in deck over today limit, instead of 7.

If I increase today’s review limit by 7, close out of the menu, and then go back, it correctly says I have zero reviews due over today’s limit.

Just FYI. It is a very minor bug.

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