Blank window after upgrade to glibc 2.35


I’m running the officlial binary bundle 2.1.49 on Arch Linux. After a recent system upgrade Anki only shows a blank window. I tracked the issue down to the upgrade of glibc from 2.33 to 2.35. With 2.33 and everything else on the newest state it still works.

Anyone a clue how to fix it?


Just pray and wait. It looks like the Qt6 beta versions seem to work. If you don’t want to upgrade you can use anki --no-sandbox to get it working for now.
There’s a thread for this issue already, Anki window not displaying anything

AH, thanks. --no-sandbox indeed works. Although I get an unexpected dialog saying Please use File>Import to import this file when opening a deck now. But that seems to just be confusing and doesn’t actually hurt.

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I just found this post, you can use anki "" --no-sandbox to get rid of the dialog.


Ah, yes, that works. Thx.