Audio recorded on Mac won't play on PC

I started using Anki on my macbook and recorded a fair number of audios for it. Recently, I’ve got a new windows laptop and used Anki’s sync feature to transfer my decks to my new computer. However, all the audio does not play at all. I can record new audio on my laptop that plays just fine. It only affects the audio recorded on my macbook.

Has anyone else had this problem? How can I fix it? because I would really rather not re-record all the audios I made

Hmm, do images added on your Macbook appear on Windows? Maybe it’s just a media syncing problem.
See Media files may take time to sync - Frequently Asked Questions

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I never added any pictures, but I do get an error when syncing from the PC. An “unexpected EOF during handshake” whatever that means

I think Abdo meant audio files. It sounds like either a program on your machine (eg antivirus/firewall) is blocking Anki, or your local network is having trouble connecting to AnkiWeb.

yeah given the error i receive it’s probably the network. just seems weird that it would get the rest of the flashcards just fine but not the audio