Are 2.1.49 users still not being prompted to upgrade to 2.1.50+?

I’d like to completely stop supporting 2.1.49 (in fact I already have, but some users are still sometimes asking for fixes on the 2.1.49 branch). I’m not very clear, are 2.1.49 users being prompted to upgrade and purposefully holding back ?

From what I understand, 2.1.49 is being pushed to 2.1.54. If there isn’t a selective push going out, then I’d assume it’s what you say - users likely selecting not to see the notification for 2.1.54 again. They only need to choose “Ignore this update” once, i.e. the prompt won’t reappear. So it might take until the next push for them to get another nudge to update (if at all, not sure if the ignore is tied to a particular version or global – I’d assume the former).

(@dae, is that right?)

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That’s right - all users have been notified, and once ignored, won’t receive a notification until a new version notification goes out (maybe for .55)