[AnkiMobile] Enhance Keyboard shorcut support

While AnkiMobile is already pretty decent when using a keyboard, I think these features would be nice to add.

  • Support for Esc key (or “Command + . ” Shorcut) on browser, preferences and statistics screen. This already works when adding/editing a card but is missing on those places.

  • Shorcut info in action menu while reviewing (attached photo). While some desktop shorcuts are the same on the mobile version while reviewing, a shorcut info below/inside the card would be useful noneless.

  • Mirror desktop review shorcuts to AnkiMobile whenever posible (dunno if this a bug tho, bc for example suspend card and note shorcut are not working for me).

A quick note on shortcut info: you can see the currently available shortcuts by holding down the cmd key for a few seconds (a standard iOS feature).

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