Ankidroid no sync

Hi, I’m a newbie, so please forgive asking what must be an old old question! I want to use AnkiDroid with shared files. I find the instructions unclear - they use terms like Anki, AnkiWeb, Anki client and Anki desktop without differentiating them. I’ve set up AnkiWeb on my PC, and downloaded the shared files I want to work on. I’ve signed in to AnkiDroid on my tablet and pressed ‘sync’, but no shared decks appear. What am I missing? Any help gratefully received!

AnkiWeb ( is both the official sync service and an online client that can be used for reviewing cards. It’s also a repository of shared decks and add-ons.

Did you sync from your PC after downloading the decks? The decks should appear in AnkiDroid after you sync.