AnkiApp Importer

is this ok https://

Sorry, I meant to ask for the AnkiApp database file rather than the apkg.

how’s this then https://

actually this one would be better as it should have more audio examples https://

I will release a fix soon.

Not to pry but do u have an idea of when?

Should be fixed now.

thank you

My decks seem to be importing without any of the images (picture files) attached to the cards. The icons indicating there should be an image are present, but double-clicking does not actually do anything. I also got a warning after importing that the image files were missing (something along those lines anyway).

Can you share your AnkiApp database file? See the previous replies for instructions.

Here’s the database (note: there are a bunch of cards that are missing answers on the back, I haven’t filled them all in yet. Those do not seem to be causing an issue on import, but they might look weird in the database).

I pushed a fix. Please update the add-on and try again.

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That did the trick, thank you. :slight_smile: