Anki23.10.1~ doesn't update add-ons

Anki23.10.1 doesn’t seem to notify add-ons updates (Windows,Qt5,Qt6).

In Anki 23.10.1, pressing “Check for Updates” doesn’t update.(Nothing to update)
In Anki 2.1.66, when I press “Check for Updates” it works fine.

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Anki 2.1.66

Anki 23.10.1

It seems that anki 2.1.66 gets confused over the new versioning and tries to fetch updates even though it is up-to-date

Strangely enough, .66 can recognize 23.10>


The same issue seems to persist in Anki Ver 23.12beta (win11).
Is this a rare issue? Does it not occur on devices other than mine, or on Mac devices? (Or is this a issue that always requires a manual update after 23.10?)

For now its an “common” issue for users who downgrade versions due to add-on compatibility, but once the add-ons catch up to 23.10 , it wont be an issue anymore

from the way im seeing (not dev), it seems that anki recognizes 23.10 (2.1.2310000) as show in the image, but also recognize anki as 2.1.23 (ignore 1000) and because of that, it tries to fetch updates

maybe we can add an option to disable add-on updates which the user can toggle, or will be auto toggle if the user downgrades

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Thanks, if it will work properly after the add-on catches up to 23.10, I think it will be fine.
I will try updating it manually for a while.

If you’re not getting any update notifications, please try disabling add-ons, as there was at least one add-on in the past that broke update checks.

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Thank you very much, the cause was an old add-on I had, so this problem was a very special case. (Edit: Or maybe I accidentally changed the folder numbers?)

If the add-ons folder name number is “43000000000000” or more, updates cannot be checked, even if add-ons is turned off.

Value out of range: 663438166

The add-ons that caused this problem are now numbered differently than before, so I think this problem has been mostly resolved already.

Hmm, not sure what happened there. AnkiWeb shouldn’t be giving out numbers that large, and there are no add-ons in the listing that exceed the limits, but it’s possible this was a bug in the past.

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