Anki For Mac Doesn't Support Chinese Input

When I try to add a new flashcard, I found out that Anki ignores Chinese input. Only when I switch language to English does it respond to inputs.

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Same situation like you, It’s not only happened when you’re using Chinese Input, but also Japanese Input.
P.S.the bug happen in the version of 2.1.52 Apple Silicon.(2.1.49 still works fine)

I have a similar problem on Windows 10, Anki 2.1.52 qt6

Normally Windows’ Chinese keyboard switches automatically to english whenever the focus is not on an input box, then back to chinese when the focus returns to an input box (this is true in general, not only for Anki)

In Anki 2.1.52 the automatical switch from chinese → english upon ‘unfocusing’ is lost (whereas english → chinese still works)
This is incovenient because you need to manually switch back to english to use keyboard shortcuts, e.g. to open the Add card dialogue, the browser etc

In Anki 2.1.49 this worked fine

This is a known issue on qt6 mac build. Please see here: Install & Upgrade - Anki Manual

Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

@jcznk I think that’s a different problem.


Since the other issue is focus-related as well, it’s possible they’re connected. Once Anki updates to Qt 6.3.1, please let us know if it persists.